To become a center of excellence and to produce high quality, self motivated, creative and ethical Electronics & Communication Engineers and technologists, contributing effectively for the betterment of society.


To impart technical education endowed with human values to the younger generation so as to transform them to be competent and committed Electronics & Communication engineers capable of providing solutions to the global electronics and communication challenges in deploying technology for the service of society and nation.

Course Objective
  • The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department offers graduate as well as post graduate program in Electronics & Communication Engineering. The department has highly qualified and experienced faculty members in the area of Mobile & wireless communication and Networking, Communication Systems, Image Processing.
  • The Department has strong research programme leading to Master degree in all the areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering. A number of Master scholars are currently engaged in cutting edge research in the Department. In addition to the well equipped curriculum related laboratories, the Department has many state of the art facilities for assisting research and development in solid state devices, RF Engineering, Digital signal processing, Image processing, Embedded System and wireless technology.
  • The aim of Department is to design to produce professional Engineers who are capable of analyzing, specifying, designing, commissioning and maintaining complex electronic communications systems to enable continuous improvements in standards of living enjoyed by society through the ingenuity of engineers.
  • Since its establishment the department of electronics and communication is nurturing the students to face the revolutionary changes in the field of Electronics and Communication. The students are strategically developed to mark their presence in today’s era of communication and competition.
Program Outcomes
  • The Department of Electronics and Communication is one of the principle academic movers at Noble Engineering College-Junagadh, which facilitates students to specialize in the field of Electronics and Communication. The main objective of the department is to impart strong background of theory and practical in Wireless communication, Optical Communication Systems, Television Systems, Digital Communication, Embedded System, Data Communication, Digital signal Processing, Microwave Communication etc.
  • The course offered is well known for its applied nature including a strong laboratory equipments and computable academic work. The degree represents an excellent combination of basic engineering science, electronics and communication theory and practice, communication skills and engineering management. This course is designed for students who wish to become professional engineers in the fields of electronics and communication engineering.
  • The course emphasizes the importance of communication and electronics systems and the applications of principles, developed in the course to the solution of significant practical problems. Workshop and laboratory facilities are utilized by students for the extensive project work that is one of the features of the course. PC and workstation based computing laboratories provide tools for electronic circuit simulation and computer-aided design work.
Head of Department
  • Prof. Tanmay V. Vyas
    Prof. Tanmay V. VyasHOD

    Designation : HOD & Assistant Professor
    Work Experience :
    6 Years

    Qualification : M.Tech.(D.W.C.E.), B.E. (E & TC)

Faculty Profile
Industrial Visit
Industrial Visit at BSNL Telecom, Dhoraji
At BSNL TELECOME. Students learned about concepts of BTS, switching, optical fiber concept, OTDR, optical slicing, connection of optical cable,2.5G BTS,3G BTS, power supply unit, PCM and Broad band connection, control unit, OMC.... Read More
Industrial Visit at Unique Power LTD., Junagadh
The students of Electronics & Communication branch visited UNIQUE POWER LTD. Company at Junagadh. The company is based on manufacturing, testing and supply of Insulator & Conductor Hardware for EHV Transmission lines up to 400Kv. The students learnt cutting and designing of different transmission lines. Students also learnt manufa... Read More
DURDARSHAN KENDRA, RAJKOT (for semester V on 26/09/2010)
During this visit total 62 Students visited DURDARSHAN KENDRA, RAJKOT. Rajkot Kendra is telecasting Programmes from 5.30 to 6.30 p.m. daily for five days in a week and the same is being capsuled and sent to Doordarshan Ahmedabad for telecast on DD 11 between 9.30 to 10.30 a.m after three days of this Kendra’s telecast. Every Tuesday the... Read More
SONIC TECHNOLOGY (INDIA), INC. – GANDHINAGAR (for semester VI on 01/04/2010)
During this visit total 62 Students visited SONIC TECHNOLOGY, GANDHINAGAR. SONIC is a multi-facility manufacturer of single sided, double sided and multilayer (up to 10 layers) Printed Circuit Boards. And with locations in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, it occupies more than 200,000 square feet and has the capability to support “quick tur... Read More
BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED, JUNAGADH (for semester IV on 25/04/2011)
During this visit total 62 students visited BSNL, JUNAGADH.  Different areas like E-10 B Local Switching Room, OMC (Operation, Maintenance & Control Room), Microwave Section, OFC (Optical Fiber Connection), DME ( Digital Mux Equipment), BSC (Base Switching Center), BTS (Base Transceiver Station), Different types of Fiber optic cables... Read More
TOPSUN & SONIC & MCBS – Gandhinagar (for Semester VI on 06/03/2012)
During this visit total 60 Students visited TOPSUN & SONIC & MCBS – Gandhinagar. SONIC is a multi-facility manufacturer of single sided, double sided and multilayer (up to 10 layers) Printed Circuit Boards. And with locations in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, and it occupies more than 200,000 square feet and have the capability to... Read More
Wanakbori Thermal Power Station – Wanakbori Precise Automation & Control private Ltd.-Vadodara (for semester IV on 02/03/2012)
During this visit total 71Students visited Wanakbori Thermal Power Station, Vadodara.  Wanakbori Thermal Power Station is a coal-fired power station in Gujarat, India. It is located on the bank of Mahi river in Kheda district. There are seven units of each 210 MW capacity. An additional 800 MW is under construction. Faculty Mem... Read More
AMTECH and BISAG, GANDHINAGAR (for Semester VII Sem. On 08/09/2014)
During this visit total 50 students visited AMTECH and BISAG, GANDHINAGAR. AMTECH is well-known for offering various motion control products like AC Drives, High Frequency Drives, Medium Voltage Drives (MVD), Soft Starters, Power quality products like Active Harmonic Filters (AHF) and Active Front-End Converters (AFC), Industrial Control ... Read More
BISAG, GANDHINAGAR (for Semester III,V,VII on 18/09/2015)
During this visit total 35 students visited BISAG, Gandhinagar as well as Science City, Ahmedbad. Transmitter and receiver units were visited. BISAG is famous for specialized services in implementing end-to-end GeoSpatial Technology applications in the areas of Ground Control Survey,Digital Photogrammetry, Digital Terrain / Elevation Mode... Read More
Lab Detail
  • Basic Electronics Lab
    • LCD Trainer Kit
    • Half and Full wave controlled rectifier
    • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Communication Lab
    • TDMA Transmitter and Receiver
    • Advanced Optical Fiber Trainer Kit
    • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
    • Super Heterodyne Receiver
  • Integrated Circuits and Application Lab
    • VLSI Trainer Kit
    • 8051 Microcontroller Trainer Kit
    • 8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit
  • Data Communication and Networking Lab
    • LAN Trainer Kit
    • DSP Trainer Kit
    • Mobile Trainer Kit
  • Circuits and Networks Lab
    • LVDT
    • Thermocouple
    • Microwave Test Bench
    • Antenna Trainer Kit
    • RADAR Trainer Kit
  • Computer Lab
    • Matlab
    • KEIL
    • XILINX
    • Pro-Tel
    • SI-Matrix
    • AVR Studio
    • AVR Simulator
    • Pinnacle
    • Wire-Shark
    • Cisco Packet Tracer
    • Proteus
Results & Time Table
Sem 1
Sem 2
Sem 3

Time Table

Sem 4
Sem 5
Sem 6
Sem 7

Time Table

Sem 8
Teaching Scheme
Semester 1
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
3110003 PPS Programming for Problem Solving 3 2 0 4
3110006 BME Basic Mechanical Engineering 3 2 0 4
3110007 ES Environmental Sciences 2 0 2 0
3110012 MP Workshop/ Manufacturing Practices 0 4 0 2
3110015 Maths-II Mathematics –2 0 4 0 2
3110016 BE Basic Electronics 3 2 0 4

Semester 2
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
3110002 ENG English 2 2 0 3
3110018 PHY Physics 3 2 0 4
3110005 BEE Basic Electrical Engineering 3 2 0 4
3110014 Maths-I Mathematics – I 3 0 2 5
3110013 EGD Engineering Graphics & Design 2 4 0 4

Semester 3
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
2130002 AEM Advance Engineering Maths 3 0 2 5
2130901 CN Circuits and Networks 4 2 0 6
2131004 DE Digital Electronics 4 2 0 6
2131005 EM Electrical Machine 4 2 0 6
2131006 EDC Electronic Devices and Circuits 6

Semester 4
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
2141001 MPI Microprocessor and Interfacing 3 2 0 5
2141002 ACD Analog Circuit Design 4 2 0 6
2141003 EMI Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation 3 2 0 5
2141004 CE Control System Engineering 4 2 0 6
2141005 S and S Signals and Systems 3 2 0 5
2141006 SDT Simulation and Design Tools 0 2 0 2
2140002 DE 1B Design Engineering 1 B 0 3 0

Semester 5
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
150001 MNG 2 Management II 2 0 0 2
151001 MCI Micro controller and Interfacing 3 2 5
151002 EEM Engineering Electromagnetics 3 0 0 3
151003 ICA Integrated Circuits and Applications 4 2 0 6
151004 ECOM Electronic Communication 4 2 6
151906 CPE Conventional Power Engineering (Institute Elective II) 4 2 0 6
151005 EMI Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory 0 2 0 2

Semester 6
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
2161102 AMP Advanced Microprocessor Departmental Elective I 4 2 0 6
2161006 PEDC Power Electronics Devices and Circuits Departmental Elective I 4 2 0 6
2161103 DCN Data Communication and Network Departmental Elective I 4 2 0 6
2140002 DE I B Design Engineering 1 B 0 3 0 3

Semester 7
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
170001 PROJ Project I 0 4 0 4
171001 ME Microwave Engineering 3 5 0 5
171002 PE Power Electronics 2 2 0 4
171003 DSP Digital Signal Processing 4 2 0 6
171004 WCOM Wireless Communication 4 2 0 6
171007 SATCOM Satellite Communication 3 2 0 5

Semester 8
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
181101 DCN Data Communication and Networking 4 2 0 6
181103 R and NA Radar and Navigational Aids (Department Elective II) 4 2 6
181105 Project II Project II 0 18 18

Contact (Departmental)

Prof. Divyang Shah

Prof. Tanmay Vyas