Our vision is to empower the students of Computer Science and Engineering department to be technologically adept, innovative, self-motivated and responsible global citizen possessing human values and contributes significantly towards high quality technical education with ever changing world and also to build overall growth in personality of the students. Noble University headlines the list of Top Computer Engineering Junagadh

  • To prepare students for professional career and higher studies by providing conductive teaching – learning, research environment and entrepreneurship with leadership skills, enabling them to serve the engineering profession and society.
  • To build global leader courage conviction and inculcation of good character with high ethical values.
  • To continuously evolve methods to maintain new computer advancements as well as acquire software knowledge to face new challenges.
Course Objective
  • The program objectives are to develop graduates who will utilize their expertise in engineering to solve industry’s technological problems with computerized system. They will also be able to interpret the new technological developments in the area of computer sciences and engineering for the administration to meet the established deadlines.
  • Graduates will be innovators and professionals in technology development and system implementation. Graduates will function in their profession with responsibility. They will be qualified to understand issues. Graduates will get success in their professional and social life. Graduates will work effectively with their colleagues. Graduates have adaptability to new developments in science and technology.
  • Use computerized system to analyze and solve technical problems. Graduates have ability to communicate effectively and accurately. Graduates will be successful in modern engineering practice, integrate into the local and global workforce, and contribute to the economy of country. Graduates will continue to demonstrate the professional skills necessary to be competent employees, leadership roles, and have career success and satisfaction. Graduates will become productive citizens with high ethical and professional standards, who make sound engineering or managerial decisions, and have enthusiasm for the profession and professional growth.
Program Outcomes

The students should gain:

  • An ability to apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering
  • An ability to design and conduct experiments in Computer Engineering, as well as to analyze and interpret data
  • An ability to design a computer system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints
  • An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams
  • An ability to identify, formulate, and solve Computer Engineering problems
  • An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
  • An ability to communicate effectively
  • The broad education necessary to understand the impact of computer engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental and societal context
  • A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning
  • Knowledge of contemporary issues in computer engineering for managing projects and their financial aspects.
  • An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern computer engineering tools necessary for engineering practice. Noble University headlines the list of Top Computer Engineering in Junagadh
Head of Department
  • Prof. Ashutosh A. Abhangi
    Prof. Ashutosh A. AbhangiHEAD OF DEPARTMENT

    Designation: Assistant Professor
    Work Experience :  
    12 Years 
    B.E.(C.E.)  M.E.(C.E.)

Faculty Profile
Industrial Visit
Industrial Visit at RTTC BSNL, Ahmadabad
Regional Telecom Training Center, Ahmedabad is one of the prime training centers of BSNL in the western region. It was established in 1973 catering to the training needs in telecom sector. Telecommunication has emerged as one of the most rapidly advancing and expanding sector. Providing quality training in the field of telecommunication, ... Read More
Industrial Visit at Adani Group, Mundra
The major objective behind organizing such trips is to encourage young minds to develop an interest in all sorts of enterprises and to encourage them to dream big in life. It is being used to empower communities, enhance life quality and instill hope for a better future. Run by the Adani Foundation, “Udaan” has a presence in 13 states... Read More
Industrial Visit at GBBN (Goa)
Company Name: Goa Broadband Network (GBBN) Location: Goa Date: 19 January 2017 to 24 January 2017 Semester: 6th and 8th Name of Department: CSE/ IT Number of Students visited: 37 Number of Faculties accompanied: 2 Report on Industrial visit at GBBN (Goa Broadband Network, Goa) With reference to being a leading educational in... Read More
Industrial Visit of Forensic Science Laboratory Live Demonstration at Gandhinagar
Company Name: Forensic Science Laboratory Live Demonstration Location: Gandhinagar Date: 14-03-2016 Time: 04:00 PM Semester: 4th and 6th Name of Department: CSE/ IT Number of Students visited: 58 Number of Faculties accompanied: 4 Objective: This industrial visit was arranged with an objective to make Students ... Read More
A Report of Visit to Gujarat Vidhansabha 14th March, 2016
Objective: The objective of this visit is to become familiar with working of the assembly of democratic state. A vision of “Let our students see our democracy in action; Let our students become aware of the way our democratic institutions work and see the working of our Vidhansabha” was behind this visit.   Orga... Read More
An Industry visit of 4th Semester students at BORNIX SOFTCOM, Ahmadabad on 24/7/2011.
We have visited the software company BORNIX SOFTCOM which is located at Ahmadabad on 24 July, 2011 with our 4th Semester Computer Science & Engineering department with faculties. Students have observed and learnt how to develop software and design new web sites. There were 55 students of Computer Science & Engineering.... Read More
Lab Detail

Computer Centre is equipped with more than 600 computers, having Pentium R Duel core processor, 1GB DDR2/3 RAM, 328GB Hard Disk, and a high configuration Server. Firewall enables Network for reliable and secure data.

  • Project Development Lab
    • 10 MBPS of BSNL VPN Connection
    • Wi-Fi Enabled Lab
    • Windows 7 Operating Systems
    • MS Office 2007
    • Adobe Reader
    • WinRAR
    • Quick Heal Internet Security 2013
  • Computer Network Lab
    • AutoCAD
    • CISCO Packet Transfer
  • Software Engineering Lab
    • Rational Rose
    • Dreamweaver
    • Visual Studio 2010
    • .NET Framework 3.5
    • PHP
    • XAMPP
  • Computer Programming Lab
    • Turbo C
    • Java Development Kit
    • Eclipse
    • Net beans
  • Distributed Computing Lab
  • Database Management System Lab
    • Oracle 10g
    • MS SQL Server 2010
    • MS Access
  • Operating system Lab
    • CentOS 5 Server
    • Linux Operating System
  • UBIQUES Computing
    • Matlab 7
Results & Time Table
Sem 1
Sem 2
Sem 3
Sem 4
Sem 5
Sem 6
Sem 7
Sem 8
Teaching Scheme
Semester 1
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
3110002 ENG English 2 2 0 3
3110018 PHY Physics 3 2 0 4
3110005 BEE Basic Electrical Engineering 3 2 0 4
3110014 Maths-I Mathematics – I 3 0 2 5
3110013 EGD Engineering Graphics & Design 2 4 0 4

Semester 2
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
3110003 PPS Programming for Problem Solving 3 2 0 4
3110006 BME Basic Mechanical Engineering 3 2 0 4
3110007 ES Environmental Sciences 2 0 2 0
3110012 MP Workshop/ Manufacturing Practices 0 4 0 2
3110015 Maths-II Mathematics –2 0 4 0 2
3110016 BE Basic Electronics 3 2 0 4

Semester 3
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
213002 AEM Advance Engineering Maths 3 0 2 5
2130004 EEM Engineering Economics And Management 3 0 0 3
2130702 DS Data Structures 4 4 0 8
2130703 DBMS Database Management System 4 4 0 8
2131004 DE Digital Electronics 4 2 0 6
2130005 DE 1 A Design Engineering 1 A 0 3 0 3

Semester 4
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
2140702 OS Operating System 4 2 0 5
2140705 OOP Object Oriented Programming with C++ 4 4 0 8
2140706 CONM CONM 3 2 0 5
2140707 Computer Organization 4 0 1 4
2140709 CN Computer Networks 4 2 0 5
2140002 DE 1 B Designing Engineering 1 B 0 3 0

Semester 5
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
150001 Management II Management II 2 2
150701 AP Advance Processors 3 2 5
150702 Computer Network Computer Network 4 2 6
150703 DAA Design and Analysis of Algorithms 4 2 6
150704 JAVA Object Oriented Programming with JAVA 2 2 4
150705 Seminar 1

Semester 6
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
160701 SE Software Engineering 4 2 6
160702 IS Information Security 4 2 6
160703 CG Computer Graphics 4 2 6
160704 TOC Theory of Computation 3 3
160705 WAD Web Application Development 3 2 5
160706 SP System Programming 2 2

Semester 7
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
2170701 CD Compiler Design 4 2 6
2170710 MCWC Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication 4 2 6
2170709 INSC Information and Network Security 4 2 6
2170002 Project I 5 5
Departmental Elective – II 3 2  5

Semester 8
GTU Code Subject Short Name Subject Lect Prac Tutorials Credits
180701 DS Distributed Systems 4 2 6
180702 PP Parallel Processing 4 2 6
180706 Project II 12 12
180704 ACN Advance Computer Networks (DE II) 4 2 6

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