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About IIT - Bombay Remote Centre

Noble University takes pride to be the selected as the first Remote Centre of IIT Bombay for their E-outreach programme in Junagadh Region.

With this initiative, IIT Mumbai aims to enhance the teaching skills of faculty members in engineering and science, of its member colleges through what is termed “Empowerment of students and teachers through Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction”. Project ekalavya was initiated in 2004 to generate an interactive platform for the creation, absorption, dissemination and usage of knowledge. It is an Open Source Knowledge Initiative launched by the Affordable Solutions Laboratory (ASL), Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Bombay. This can be used through affordable dissemination for classroom teaching as well as for enabling independent learning and distance education.

Under the scheme, IIT Mumbai conducts two-week ISTE workshops through distance mode, using EDUSAT network of ISRO and the AVIEW software using internet for live transmission at various remote centers across the country during summer and winter vacation. The programme is part of the ‘National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology’ (ICT), supported by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development.