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Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.)

Program Outcomes

After completion of the B.A.M.S course the Graduates of Ayurved

should have a thorough knowledge of all the subjects including Sanskrit so that he/she can have the ability to interpret Sanskrit quotations from Classical texts of Ayurved.

must have practical/ clinical skills in all subjects.

are able to diagnose and treat patients independently with Ayurved management.

should be able to conduct minor procedures and preliminary management of accidental cases.

should be able to treat the patients with empathy and have proper interpersonal and communication skills as competent healthcare professionals.

ought to have the current knowledge of recent advances in the field by self-learning and /or participating in continuing Medical Education Programs.

shall be able to critically analyze relevant published research literature and use them appropriately to influence the practice of Ayurved.

must be able to participate in National health programs.

Program Details


4 Years & 6 Months


HSC examination and NEET

Mode of Admission






Program Curriculum

Sr. No.Sub CodeSub. Name (Short)Sub. Name (Full)Lecture hours (LH) TheoryNon-Lecture hours (NLH) TheoryNon-Lecture hours (NLH) PracticalTutorialCredit (Marks)
1AyUG-PVPadartha VijnanamPadartha Vijnanam (FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF AYURVEDA AND QUANTUM MECHANICS)90 Hours (LH)140 Hours (NLH)--400 Marks
2AyUG-SA1Samhita Adhyayan 1Samhita Adhyayan 1 (STUDY OF AYURVEDA CLASSICAL TEXT)140 Hours (LH)260 Hours (NLH)--200 Marks
3AyUG KSKriya ShariraKriya Sharir (HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY)150 Hours (LH)50 Hours (NLH)200 Hours (NLH)-400 Marks
4AyUG-RSRachana ShariraRachana Sharira (HUMAN ANATOMY)180 Hours (LH)80 Hours (NLH)240 Hours (NLH)-400 Marks
5AyUG-SN & AI)Samskritam Evam Ayurved IthihasSamskritam Evam Ayurved Ithihas (SANSKRIT AND HISTORY OF AYURVEDA)100 Hours (LH)140 Hours (NLH)60 Hours (NLH)300 Marks

Phenomenal Internships