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Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery

Program Outcomes

He/she will be competent in using homeopathic medicines scientifically for health problems in preventive, promotive, curative, comforting, and rehabilitative modes.

He/she will recognize each patient as a whole (an individual in society) and merely as a collection of organ systems or individual organs or sick parts.

He/she will have an understanding of basic concepts in homeopathy in relation to man in health and disease.

He/she will be able to apply knowledge of vital principles of homeopathy and concepts of susceptibility and symptomatology.

He/she will acquire basic management skills in the area of human resources, materials, and resource management related to homeopathy in health care delivery, general and hospital management, principal inventory skills, and counseling.

He/She will acquire theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and a clinical understanding of homeopathy and approach the disease with modern methods and technology.

He/she will be trained in critical thinking, and evidence-based practice and possess the research aptitude and documentation skills necessary for professional work.

He/She will develop personal characteristics and attitudes required for professional life such as personal integrity, a sense of responsibility, dependability, and the ability to relate to or show concern for other individuals

He/she will acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding of ethical, legal, and regulatory challenges related to homeopathy prescribed by the regulatory authorities.

He/she will appreciate the rationale for the use of different therapeutic modalities and engage in cross-referral when required.

Program Details


4.5 Years + 1 Year


For UR/EWS = 50%,
For SC/ST/OBC = 40%

Mode of Admission






Program Curriculum

Sr. NoSubjectNo. of LectureNo. of PracticalTutorialsSeminars
1Anatomy6 hours/Week18 hours/Week1 hour/Week-
2Physiology6 hours/Week18 hours/Week1 hour/Week-
3Pharmacy4 hours/Week18 hours/Week1 hour/Week1 hour/Month
4HMM1 hour/Week---
5Organon1 hour/Week---

Sr. NoSubjectNo. of LectureNo. of PracticalTutorialsSeminars
1Pathology7 hours/Week6 hours/Week1 hour/Month1 hour/Month
2FMT4 hours/Week6 hours/Week1 hour/Month1 hour/Month
3HMM5 hours/Week3 hours/Week1 hour/Month1 hour/Month
4Organon5 hours/Week6 hours/Week1 hour/Month2 hour/Month
5Surgery3 hours/Week3 hours/Week--
6Gynae & OBS3 hours/Week3 hours/Week--

Sr. NoSubjectNo. of LectureNo. of PracticalTutorialsSeminars
1Surgery5 hours/Week4 hours/Week1 hour/Month1 hour/Month
2Gynae & OBS5 hours/Week4 hours/Week1 hour/Month1 hour/Month
3HMM3 hours/Week6 hours/Week2 hour/Month1 hour/Month
4Organon3 hours/Week12 hours/Week2 hour/Month1 hour/Month
5Medicine3 hours/Week8 hours/Week--
6Repertory2 hours/Week2 hours/month--
7Community Medicine2 hours/Week1 hour/Week--

Sr. NoSubjectNo. of LectureNo. of PracticalTutorialsSeminars
1Medicine6 hours/Week8 hours/Week-2 hour/Month
2HMM5 hours/Week12 hours/Week--
3Organon4 hours/Week8 hours/Week1 hour/Month2 hour/Month
4Repertory4 hours/Week8 hours/Week-1 hour/Month
5Community Medicine4 hours/Week4 hours/Week-2 hour/Month

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