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Bachelor of Arts (History)

Program Outcomes

Historical Knowledge:After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: Understand the socio-economic and cultural conditions of medieval India. They Tress out the Root of contemporary society from the past.

Socio cultural & Moral values: They realize the importance of Socio- cultural moral value. They understand the Depth of Subject of History from Macro to Micro level.

Critical Thinking & Communication skills: On completion of the course,students are expected to have acquired the skills of critical thinking, rational enquiry, effective communication and exploring the relationship between the past, present while remaining sensitive to the larger historiographical debates that are important in the study of human societies.

Intellectual Approach: Student Understand earn The Basic Skill of history Writing & research.

Language: This program helps to students’ command on both languages English & Gujarati. It will be helpful them in career.

Skill Development courses: After understanding Skill development courses like computer, students will be able to learn computer skills to cope up with digital India

Multidisciplinary Approach: Apart of history, they will learn different ability enhancement learning like reasoning & numerical ability, geography,General Knowledge

Program Details


3 Years


10+2 or Diploma(10+3)

Mode of Admission






Program Curriculum

SEM 1:

Sr. NoCourse CodeCourse TitleTeaching Hours / Week
Theory Lecture LTutorial TPractical PTotal
1BBA101English Language4004
2BBA102Business Economics4004
3BBA103Forms of Business Organization4004
4BBA104Principles of Management4004
5BBA105Financial Accounting4004
6BBA106Basics of Computer2002